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Jaimee Tuft coaching with Gwen Becnel

​Top Male competet0r in his division at Triple Crown Competition...Ritz NO

Beginner to Advanced Classes!

Top local studio trophy at Larry Dean's comp April 2018

Cabaret,  U.S. &  World Champions Travis & Jaimee

Tuft.  V.W. Workshop. April 8, 2018

Folk Dance Classes!

​Flamenco Workshop with La Emie!

Starlight Ballroom                                          5050 West Esplanade Suite L, Metairie La, 70006-US                               starlightballroom5050@gmail.com


Arunas, Katusa & Stephan

Stephan, Stela & Travis Tuft

Starlight Ballroom

​Our latest works!

World Champion Arunas, Stephan, Stela & Kyri

Homeschooling  Heroes  Learning the Charleston

At Starlight.


I have been taking Ballroom dance lesson with Stela Howard Since January of 2006. She is delightful to work with, and every effective. She if very personable and patient and will often ask you "do it again"....!!


Together we have done many competitions and exhibitions. We also do a lot of general dancing locally and out of town, which s a hoot...!

Ballroom dancing is a good source of exercise for me, gives  me pride of accomplishment and has allowed me to make many new friends..."you meet the nicest people dancing""...!! I would recommend taking ballroom dance lessons to anyone who enjoys being with people, and it gets  you out of your chair.. the experts are telling us that the key to health and longevity is MOVEMENT.... and dancing gets you to move..!!

Edwin Fleischmann